Advanced Metrics in Basketball?

Hey everyone,

I’ve become increasingly interested in following the NBA, or, more accurately, the NBA offseason, back-office maneuvering, the salary cap and roster rules… the games are what I’m least interested I guess… and I want to learn more about the current state of advanced metrics in basketball.

I’ve peaked around the internet, but all the glossaries or explainers I’ve found are at least a couple of years old, so I’m not sure what (public) advances there’ve been since then.

I’ve read Bornn’s paper on EPV which I really like, but I haven’t seen any writer incorporate it I assume it’s still closely guarded proprietary work, or, alternatively, that it hasn’t been picked up yet? Instead, I continue to see assist-to-turnover as somehow illustrating “Creativity” or “play-makability,” whereas something like EPV (or xA, xChain) would seem much better metrics for this.

Anyone know of better metrics in basketball that have actually caught on? Anything like what we see in soccer today (xG, xA, xChain, et al.)?


(I’m excited to see what comes of this place!)

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