Post Your Favorite Podcasts

What are some of your favorite analytics podcasts? Let’s try to keep it one per post and no repeats, if possible! Include the link, a short review, and what topics it covers.

The Double Pivot

The two Mikes, Mike Caley (@MC_Of_A) and Mike Goodman (@TheM_L_G), discuss the latest soccer news, discuss new analytical concepts, and if you’re lucky, Bible Corner and show tunes.


Hockey’s version of “The Double Pivot,” The Hockey PDOcast, hosted by Sportsnet’s Dimitri Filipovic. The guests vary every episode.

Basketball also has a good one called “The Lowe Post” with ESPN’s Zach Lowe. Like the PDOcast, Lowe hosts different guests every week.

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It’s early going, but Hockey Graphs’ podcast has some good deep dives. The most recent Ryan Stimson chat on his manifesto (loaded term these days) is particularly good.

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The Bill Barnwell Show is great for NFL content

The Analyst: Inside Cricket

Some of it can be a bit fluffy, but now and again there’s some real insight from the coalface of cricket!

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Scout7 Podcast

“In each episode, we bring together experienced professionals from the football industry to discuss a wide range of subjects relating to scouting, recruitment and player development in the modern game.”

Superb guests on this, and the analysis is varied from some often unheralded fields of the game.

  1. ‘Coalface’ is an awesome term that I’ve not heard of before.
  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I don’t know much about cricket, but this looks like a great way to dive in.

Ha. You’ve never lived until you’ve experienced cricket’s coalface :slight_smile:

Here are a couple of podcasts that are about data/analytics, but not sports specifically. I’ve found them helpful both for introducing me to new ideas that I can apply to sports and for avoiding common analysis mistakes:

Partially Derivative is a conversational show about different data stories in the news. Helps keep me up to date on what topics are being discussed in data science. Also has some particularly helpful episodes about their recommendations for how to learn certain topics

Linear Digressions goes through a mix of analytics and data science topics, typically from a more business-centric point of view. I particularly liked their recent episodes on what habits data scientists can learn from data engineers


The pilot for the ETNAR podcast was really interesting take on player analysis Statsbomb podcast deserves a mention. Focus on English Premier League and mainly on recruitment around this time of year. A bit like the Double Pivot podcast without Bible corner and showtunes!

Those are both great podcasts I listen to regularly.

One Linear Digressions episode I particularly enjoyed was an explanation of multi-level models using radioactive gas as an example.

Partially Derivative host Chris Albon did a solo episode about his path to a PhD which I found quite enlightening. (but no plans here for a PhD)

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