Sports-Reference Tables Tips and Tricks

The Sports-Reference family of sites is a fantastic resource for many North American sports leagues. Here is a video on how you can use their stats tables for deeper analysis, including quickly grabbing a subset of years for a given player via clicking the years you are curious about, and being able to share it via link.

What other cool uses have you found on ?

I really like the Play Index tool (hockey: ). It’s a great/easy way for finding similar seasons across any timeframe.

Recently though, it looks like their pages moved from http to https which has put a bit of a snag in the scraping department. In R, it used to be easy enough to just run readHTMLTable from the XML package. But I don’t believe that function is compatible with https pages. Will just need to learn a workaround eventually :slight_smile:

This is minor, but it’s efficient: using sports-ref as a search engine in your browser.

So I type “hockey-”, then Chrome autocompletes, then I hit tab, then I type the name of the player.

Super useful for me.

That first search query… :eyes: