The Business Of Sports - SB Week 2017


A great place to meet people from front offices and those who run the business of sport. I went to the Washington, D.C. meetup last year and met many from local sports teams, agents, and other sports professionals. I really recommend it. Just 5 dollars and bring some business cards. It’s plenty of cities; check the link to see if there is one near you.

To help bring together sports business professionals, we launched a series of networking events in major cities across the US and abroad called #SBWeek. We will use this EventBrite page for these events each year, with all ticket money raised being donated to charity. We will also use this for our one-off networking events that take place throughout the year in several cities.


Thanks for sharing, just signed up! Anyone else is going to the Portland event please get in touch!


Blackfinn? Yeah, sure. I’ll go. Never been to one before, but sounds fun.